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CAREX Canada (CARcinogen EXposure) is a multi-institution team of researchers and specialists with expertise in epidemiology, risk assessment, toxicology, geographic information systems, and knowledge mobilization. The purpose of CAREX Canada is to provide a body of knowledge about Canadians’ exposures to known and suspected carcinogens…

Reducing workplace exposure to antineoplastic agents

Resources on reducing exposure to antineoplastic agents at work include a compendium of policy levers, a prevention framework, and more…

Assessing the carcinogenicity of night shift work

This report summarizes some of the main data gaps and challenges around research on night shift work…

Spring e-Bulletin

View our Spring 2020 newsletter, featuring new pesticide exposure estimates, recent research on night shift work, resources on reducing workplace exposure to antineoplastic agents, and more…

eWORK is a set of tools developed by our occupational exposures team that allow users to conduct custom queries of the CAREX results database. Two versions of eWORK are available: eWORK Excel and eWORK Online.

CAREX Canada’s package summaries are a useful guide for those looking to better understand – and reduce or eliminate – the known or suspected carcinogens that Canadians are exposed to in workplace and community environments.

eRISK is a set of tools developed by our environmental exposures team that allow users to explore various exposure scenarios.

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