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These videos offer support for interpreting various CAREX estimates and resources and looking at those estimates in various ways such as by substance.

CAREX-OCRC Webinar on Diesel Exposure in Workplaces

This webinar conveys the importance of diesel engine exhaust as a workplace hazard and discusses ways this hazard can be assessed and controlled in the workplace. It was presented in partnership with the Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC) and Ontario Occupational Disease Action Plan (ODAP) Working Group on Diesel Exhaust.

(39 min, 56 sec)

Radon in Schools: What Students, Parents, and Teachers Need to Know
Presented in partnership with the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) during Radon Awareness Month, this webinar features our research on radon testing in Canadian schools, as well as background information about why this exposure is a priority.

(58 min, 5 sec)

Sun exposure in outdoor workers – Measurement and monitoring

The webinar discusses the risks associated to occupational sun exposure, shares results and exposure data from a solar UVR monitoring project of outdoor workers in Alberta, and outlines the barriers and facilitators that influence surveillance systems for outdoor workers.

(48 min, 26 sec)

Exposure to Antineoplastic (Cytotoxic) Drugs in Canadian Workplaces
Presented in partnership with WorkSafeBC, this webinar recording presents our recently updated estimates of exposure to antineoplastic (cytotoxic) drugs in Canadian workplaces. It also offers information about how to best address this exposure and includes a Q&A with webinar participants.

(57 min, 40 sec)

Reducing occupational exposure to antineoplastic drugs
The webinar discusses the factors influencing the safe handling of antineoplastic drugs, shares an updated comparison of safe handling policy levers, and provides tools to support safer environments for workers handling antineoplastic drugs.

(23 min, 8 sec)

Occupational Lung Cancer Cases

This webinar provides an overview on legal cases related to occupational exposures and lung cancer within the workers compensation system. Presented in partnership with the Industrial Accident Victims’ Group of Ontario (IAVGO) Community Legal Clinic, the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers Inc. (OHCOW), and the Ontario Office of the Worker Adviser (ON-OWA).

(85 min, 38 sec)


The following videos are recorded versions of CAREX Canada webinars. These webinars were previously presented online and provide an overview of the CAREX Canada project as a whole, as well as information on methods, results, and tools.

CAREX Overview
Offers an opportunity to learn about the CAREX Canada project as a whole, receive a tour of the website, and obtain a general understanding of the resources and tools available.

(33 min, 12 sec)

CAREX Occupational Exposures Overview
Provides an overview of the CAREX Canada occupational exposures platform, which estimates Canadians’ potential exposures to known and suspected carcinogens in the workplace.

(30 min, 33 sec)

CAREX Environmental Estimates Overview
Focuses on the estimates of Canadians’ potential exposures via various environmental exposure pathways, including background on methods and some of the tools available to use and explore the data.

(44 min, 53 sec)


These videos describe the various CAREX Canada tools available for better understanding environmental and occupational exposures. They include eRISK and eWORK.

CAREX eWORK Tool Overview
Provides training on eWORK, a set of tools developed by our occupational exposures team that allow users to conduct custom queries of the CAREX results database. Two versions of eWORK are available: eWORK Excel and eWORK Online.

(10 min, 5 sec)

How to use CAREX Canada’s eRISK Online tool
eRISK Online is an interactive tool developed by CAREX Canada that allows users to explore the cancer risk associated with exposures to known and suspected carcinogens in the environment. This video shows users how to navigate the tool, and interpret the lifetime excess cancer risk (LECR) results it generates.

(22 min, 14 sec)

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