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Radon in schools: A summary of testing efforts across Canada

Testing is the only way to know if radon levels are elevated and remediation is required. Given that children and staff spend a considerable amount of time indoors in schools – where radon levels can build up over time – the CAREX Canada team sought to investigate radon testing in schools across Canada.

Carcinogens in the News

Carcinogens in the News is a monthly digest of media articles, government reports, and academic literature related to the carcinogens we’ve classified as important for surveillance in Canada.

A global mask shortage may leave farmers and farm workers exposed to toxic pesticides

The Conversation – As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, vital N95 masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) have been hard to come by, even for those who need them most. And it’s not just health care workers and other care providers who need PPE – especially those N95 masks, technically known as respirators. These devices are also vital to the safety of workers in a host of other industries, from building trades to agriculture.
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Asbestos inhalation poses cancer risks to workers and consumers

Chemical and Engineering News – The processing and use of asbestos-containing diaphragms by the chlor-alkali industry poses an unreasonable risk to the health of workers, the US Environmental Protection Agency concludes in a draft risk evaluation. The assessment, released March 30, also finds unreasonable risks to workers and consumers who process or use asbestos-containing sheet gaskets, brake blocks, aftermarket automotive brakes and linings, and other vehicle friction products and gaskets.
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A scoping review to identify strategies that work to prevent four important occupational diseases

American Journal of Industrial Medicine – This scoping review identifies occupational disease prevention strategies worthy of further exploration by decisionmakers and stakeholders and of future systematic evaluation by researchers. It also identified important gaps, including a lack of studies of precarious workers and the need for more studies that rigorously evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.
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The CAREX Canada e-Bulletin is a biannual summary of the project news. This includes details on upcoming webinars, new publications, updates to estimates and tools, and more.

Fall 2019 e-Bulletin

Spotlight on burden of occupational cancer – New report and fact sheets now available

Additions to the CAREX team – Welcome Shelby

Updating resources – New estimates for welding fumes, gasoline engine exhaust

Recent publications – New publication on occupational exposure to second-hand smoke

Communications update – Webinar recording on occupational lung cancer cases now online

Partner update – Supporting awareness and research during Radon Action Month

Spring 2019 e-Bulletin

Spotlight on CAREX news – CAREX Canada launches new website

Recent publications – New burden of cancer results now available, Sun Safety at Work Canada project results and new sun research in Alberta

Partner update – Expanding CAREX through international collaborations

Communications update – Two occupational disease websites launched

Other updates – New Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control released

Fall 2018 e-Bulletin

Spotlight on radon – School testing increases in Canada, CELA publishes law and policy scan

Additions to the CAREX team – Welcome Chantal

Updating resources – New profile developed for carbon nanotubes, summaries for emerging issues

Communications update – Asbestos ban established in Canada

Recent publications – ON-DECK study results on occupational exposure and kidney cancer

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