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Radon in schools: A summary of testing efforts across Canada

Testing is the only way to know if radon levels are elevated and remediation is required. Given that children and staff spend a considerable amount of time indoors in schools – where radon levels can build up over time – the CAREX Canada team sought to investigate radon testing in schools across Canada.

Carcinogens in the News

Carcinogens in the News is a monthly digest of media articles, government reports, and academic literature related to the carcinogens we’ve classified as important for surveillance in Canada.

Largest study yet offers no clear talc link to ovarian cancer

CBC News – U.S. researchers who conducted the largest study yet into whether applying powder to the genitals increases a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer were unable to definitively put to rest the issue that has prompted thousands of lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson and other companies. Overall, the study did not find a significantly increased risk of ovarian cancer, but there appeared to be a heightened risk among certain women who used the products.
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Deciphering the code between air pollution and disease: The effect of particulate matter on cancer hallmarks

International Journal of Molecular Sciences – In this review, researchers summarize and discuss the evidence regarding the effect of particulate matter (PM) and its impact in carcinogenesis, considering the “hallmarks of cancer” including sustained proliferative signaling, evasion of growth suppression, resistance to cell death, acquisition of replicative immortality, angiogenesis induction, and activation of invasion and metastasis. They found that exposure to particulate matter induces multiple hallmarks of cancer seen during tumor development.
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Stanford water expert discusses wildfire’s threat to water quality

Stanford News – When fires jump from forests and grasslands to urban areas, they incinerate household and industrial items such as computers and cars, leaving behind a stew of chemicals and heavy metals. Rain can wash this into streams, rivers and municipal water treatment systems unprepared to deal with the toxic deluge. Heavy sediment loads from wildfire-related erosion can also clog water systems and strain treatment requirements.
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The CAREX Canada e-Bulletin is a biannual summary of the project news. This includes details on upcoming webinars, new publications, updates to estimates and tools, and more.

Fall 2019 e-Bulletin

Spotlight on burden of occupational cancer – New report and fact sheets now available

Additions to the CAREX team – Welcome Shelby

Updating resources – New estimates for welding fumes, gasoline engine exhaust

Recent publications – New publication on occupational exposure to second-hand smoke

Communications update – Webinar recording on occupational lung cancer cases now online

Partner update – Supporting awareness and research during Radon Action Month

Spring 2019 e-Bulletin

Spotlight on CAREX news – CAREX Canada launches new website

Recent publications – New burden of cancer results now available, Sun Safety at Work Canada project results and new sun research in Alberta

Partner update – Expanding CAREX through international collaborations

Communications update – Two occupational disease websites launched

Other updates – New Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control released

Fall 2018 e-Bulletin

Spotlight on radon – School testing increases in Canada, CELA publishes law and policy scan

Additions to the CAREX team – Welcome Chantal

Updating resources – New profile developed for carbon nanotubes, summaries for emerging issues

Communications update – Asbestos ban established in Canada

Recent publications – ON-DECK study results on occupational exposure and kidney cancer

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