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Radon in schools: A summary of testing efforts across Canada

Testing is the only way to know if radon levels are elevated and remediation is required. Given that children and staff spend a considerable amount of time indoors in schools – where radon levels can build up over time – the CAREX Canada team sought to investigate radon testing in schools across Canada.

Carcinogens in the News

Carcinogens in the News is a monthly digest of media articles, government reports, and academic literature related to the carcinogens we’ve classified as important for surveillance in Canada.

Report: Awareness of asbestos hazards in schools, asbestos management plans and training among Ontario school custodial workers

Occupational Cancer Research Centre – Asbestos was historically used in many public buildings in Canada, including schools, and little is known about how asbestos is managed in school settings. Custodial workers in schools have been identified as at-risk for potential exposure to asbestos during routine housekeeping or maintenance work. This report summarizes the findings from an evaluation of Ontario custodial workers’ awareness of asbestos management in schools.
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IARC gives justifications for monographs programme update

Chemical Watch – The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has outlined the “motivation and methodology” for the update to its monographs programme. In a commentary paper, IARC provides justification for changes to the programme’s “preamble”, which describes the procedures for the evaluation of a carcinogenicity hazard. Previously, there were five categories corresponding to groups 1, 2A, 2B, 3 and 4. The update removed group 4 (probably not carcinogenic to humans).
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Disparities in toxic heavy metal exposures correlated with increased risk of breast cancer among minority populations

Medical Xpress – Among women in Chicago, African Americans and Hispanics were exposed to higher levels of ambient toxic heavy metals compared with non-Hispanic whites, and this increased exposure correlated with increased incidence of breast cancer, according to preliminary results presented at a recent American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) conference.


The CAREX Canada e-Bulletin is a biannual summary of the project news. This includes details on upcoming webinars, new publications, updates to estimates and tools, and more.

Spring 2019 e-Bulletin

Spotlight on CAREX news – CAREX Canada launches new website

Recent publications – New burden of cancer results now available, Sun Safety at Work Canada project results and new sun research in Alberta

Partner update – Expanding CAREX through international collaborations

Communications update – Two occupational disease websites launched

Other updates – New Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control released

Fall 2018 e-Bulletin

Spotlight on radon – School testing increases in Canada, CELA publishes law and policy scan

Additions to the CAREX team – Welcome Chantal

Updating resources – New profile developed for carbon nanotubes, summaries for emerging issues

Communications update – Asbestos ban established in Canada

Recent publications – ON-DECK study results on occupational exposure and kidney cancer

May 2018 e-Bulletin

Spotlight on diesel engine exhaust – Upcoming webinar and burden of workplace cancer 

Team news – Renewal and new appointment

Updating resources – Updated occupational estimates for silica and shiftwork, new profile for furan 

Partner update – Comic on cancer education for First Nations youth 

Communications update – Canadian Air Pollutant Inventory, economic burden of workplace sun exposure 

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